smells good, but that's it

The core message of this luxury skincare collection is the power of essential oils; their benefit to the skin as well as the balancing effect that their fragrances have on our moods.

This is all well and good, but when your products are as expensive and in many case as ineffective as DECLÉOR's it does give pause for thought. Many of DECLÉOR's formulations lack anything that could justify the pricetag of trying a full routine.
  • Do not test on animals.
  • Decléor is partnered by the Shiseido Group.
  • The Decléor Aroma-Duo treatment are the stars of the Decléor collection.

from the DECLÉOR website :
Essence & Beauty
The beauty of the modern woman is under attack every day from physical and environmental stress, both of which can dehydrate the skin and accelerate the signs of ageing. She needs a beauty regime which is 100% natural to help re-establish and conserve the balance and vitality of her skin.

At DECLÉOR, emphasis is placed on rebalancing mind, body and spirit, using the powers of Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy to revive and rejuvenate the skin. Making nature respond to your own being remains one of the basic principles of their highly personalised beauty system. DECLÉOR's approach to beauty is unique, combining the purest, most potent and natural ingredients with an in-depth, caring attitude to every aspect of the body. Designed to work in harmony with your lifestyle, a DECLÉOR treatment will relax your mind, de-stress your body and revive your energy levels.

Massage, using techniques that centre around the nervous system and meridians, is the most powerful medium for Aromatherapy. Every DECLÉOR treatment begins with an Eastern back massage whereby a highly trained specialist uses pure Aromatherapy oils to massage for lymphatic drainage and for relaxation. The therapist is then to identify specific zones on the back allowing her to asses her client's general condition and skin health and to determine the correct oils and creams for her facial or body treatment. She may detect, for example, poor circulation or insufficient fluid intake - both of which would have visible effects on the skin.

DECLÉOR treatment products harness the restorative powers of natural, concentrated Essential Oils derived from flowers and herbs and the healing properties of plants, resins and fruits. These oils are not only beneficial to the skin, they also stimulate the olfactory senses and affect the way we respond to stress.

Orange Blossom, Angelica, Wheatgerm, Lavender, Sage and Sandalwood are just some of the natural essences used to cleanse, detoxify, oxygenate and moisturise the skin. Each component is a living force, extraordinarily rich in vitamins and mineral salts, offering powerful cumulative effects on the body's general health and improved resistance to the assaults of modern day living.

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