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For a while now there has been a shift in the marketing of skincare away from the homemade-botanical kind of skin creams to the more scientifically formulated ones. In keeping with this growing trend, Klinger Advanced Aesthetics has produced a line of skincare exclusively for Sephora.

COSMEDICINE is a brand that claims its place at the cutting edge of non-prescription skincare science, looking at and treating the face in terms of the whole rather than the sum of its parts. Although one wonders just how advanced a brand that still uses fragrance and jar packaging for creams can really be.
  • COSMEDICINE is produced exclusively for sale in Sephora.
  • Founded in 2004 in New York, but launched in 2006.

from the COSMEDICINE website :
How beautiful do you want to be?
A measurably different approach to skincare, COSMEDICINE™ was created by Klinger Advanced Aesthetics, a pioneer in cosmetic medical appearance enhancement, exclusively for Sephora, and is considered an over-the-counter skincare line (the highest grade of non-prescription products as regulated by the FDA) due to its level of active ingredients. Formulated with over-the-counter (OTC) actives and accelerated levels of advanced ingredients, COSMEDICINE™ was designed to help you achieve your healthiest skin possible.

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