Clean & Clear
just the thing for problem skin

This is a really well formulated, inexpensive brand that can adequetly tend to problem, blemish-prone oily skin. Ideally targeted toward teenagers, this line is perfect for dealing with adolescent acne and blemishes.

Most products are well formulated, especially the cleansers and some of the day essentials, which have won over many devotees. Look out for the benzoyl peroxide products which should do exactly what their supposed to do.

from the Clean & Clear website :
for clean, beautiful skin
A great face starts with super-clean skin!
The first step in any skincare routine is thorough cleansing. Make sure the cleansing products you use are right for your skin.
And don’t forget to clean your face twice a day ­ everyday ­ since dirt and oil can clog your pores and cause pimples.

The next step to really clean skin!
After cleansing, an astringent or toner will remove the last traces of dirt, oil and makeup to clean deep down to the pores. They can also be used to refresh your skin morning and night.

Moisturize for a smoother, clearer complexion!
Your skin needs moisture to look and feel its best. In order to maintain a healthy complexion, your face needs to be replenished with moisture morning and night.

Banish breakouts and blemishes!
While proper cleansing is important to help keep your skin clear, sometimes you do get pimples. By using treatment products that reach deep down to where pimples begin, your skin can be clean and clear, everyday!

Maintain beautiful skin - throughout the day.
Between your morning and night skincare routine, you may get some oil and shine. You may also get dark circles and puffiness under your eyes from your hectic days and late nights. Or, you may also want to conceal a pimple. Having the right essentials handy for a quick and easy touch up is a must for keeping your skin looking clean and beautiful throughout the day!

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