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The extensive Clarins collection is based on the benefits of plant botanicals, grounded in a belief that Mother Nature has a solution for all our woes.

A visit to any Clarins counter will amaze at the abundance of products, something for everyone can be found.
  • In 1989, Jacques Courtin-Clarins decided to help those who suffer & set-up the Association for Research into Polyarthritis.
  • Clarins has always formulated products using natural ingredients.
  • Clarins do not perform tests on animals.

from the Clarins website :
no one understands your skin better
The Clarins story began over 40 years ago when a young medical student called Jacques Courtin-Clarins took the decision to diversify into physiotherapy and specialise in treating circulation problems through massage. While practising as a physiotherapist, his female patients not only experienced an improvement in their medical condition but also in the cosmetic appearance of their skin. The reason for this was that Jacques Courtin-Clarins had developed a new massage technique which was outstandingly effective at improving the body's blood circulation and lymphatic drainage systems, both of which are essential to our general health and the health of our skin.

His patients enthusiasm for the improvement in their skin inspired him to diversify into the field of beauty therapy and in 1954 he opened his own beauty salon in Paris where he practised his unique massage technique. Initially he purchased his massage oils, but soon decided that he could formulate a much more effective range of his own using the very best quality and concentration of natural ingredients and plant extracts. And the combination of his own massage technique and 100% pure plant oils now allowed him to develop his own professional salon treatments.

So enthusiastic were clients about his oils, that he was again inspired to develop these and other skin care products for salon and home use. And it was in response to this on-going demand, that the Clarins range of skin care emerged. For many years Clarins specialised in skin care only, but by the late 1980's the level of client request for Clarins make-up became to great to ignore and as a result the early 1990's saw the launch of Clarins cosmetic range. Clarins is still today a privately owned company headed by founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins, together with his sons Christian Courtin-Clarins and Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins.

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Gentle Exfoliating Refiner
Gentle Exfoliating Refiner
A rich cream containing gentle microbeads which effectively refine the surface of the skin. read more