CITY Cosmetics
the Hollywood 'must have'

Hollywood is not only home to the hottest stars, it is also home to some of the most exciting cosmetics around. Of course, in a town where looks are everything, good cosmetics are a must.

CITY Cosmetics blasted onto the scene with CITY Lips-a collagen enhancing lip plumper. An instant success, CITY Cosmetics now offer a full array of CITY Lips in a wide range of colors.
  • Winner of Good Houskeeping 2004 Reports: best lip plumper award.
  • Celebrity fans include: Penelope Cruz, Teri Hatcher, Tyra Banks.

from the CITY Cosmetics website :

CITY Cosmetics is dedicated to bringing you one-of-a kind, breakthrough treatments that always deliver on their promises. Cosmetic procedures can be harmful, costly and extremely invasive. CITY Cosmetics treatments offer safe, affordable alternatives to these procedures with unbelievable results. Our formulas utilize the latest technologies in cosmeceutical skincare, offering natural improvements for a perfected ageless look. Never compromising formulas or ingredients to cut corners or costs, we are committed to making sure ALL of our products are of the highest quality. Just when we think a new treatment is perfect, we will ask ourselves what we can do to create a miracle. CITY Cosmetics will never release a product unless we truly feel that it offers unique benefits, lives up to its promises and claims, and provides only the best with no compromises

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