Christian Breton
suits you

Founded in France in 1991, Christian Breton created this multi-ethnic line for any woman of any age or skin tone. His extensive color choices make it easy for woman of any race to find the best matches and color stories for her skin tone.

Foundations are made to not only match skin tone but skin type as well. This customized approach allows for individual variety and choice.

from the Christian Breton website :
beauty made to measure
Famous far beyond our frontiers, Christian Breton products are today exported to more than 50 countries around the world. Created in 1990, the brand is now one of the greatest names in French cosmetics, recognized for the innovation and performance of its formulas. This beauty specialist has surrounded himself with a team of scientists, pharmacists and beauticians in order to design and develop a line of skin-care products and make-up that best meet women’s beauty needs. Christian Breton confirms his position as a visionary in the field of beauty, a true creator of cosmetic care, ever more aware of women’s needs to create a beauty ahead of its time. A complete make-up line, with an attractive and glamorous look based on virtual colours and the trendiest collections. Developed to suit all women, whoever they are. Christian Breton’s “ Multi-Ethnic” range is made up of an endless palette of a wide range of shades and the most subtle effects.

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