luxury and elegance endure

Very much like the label, the CHANEL cosmetics range has an air of classic beauty, their black lacquer cases evoke the seduction of bygone eras.

The make-up remains, as in days gone, a rich palette, while the nail colors can still have women scrambling to grab them. CHANEL has lost none of it's sense of perfection and luxury in the many years since its creation and remains a leader in the cosmetics and beauty industry.
  • 'Coco' Chanel was the first designer to create a boutique that offered the chance to try out a 'total look'.
  • Mademoiselle Chanel was an accomplished fly-fisher and talented equestrian.
  • Chanel was famed for purloining her male friends clothes and customizing them as she saw fit.
  • CHANEL No5 was the first perfume to be sold worldwide.
  • CHANEL maintains and finances a research laboratory, CE.R.I.E.S., to investigate the biology and physiology of healthy skin.
  • CHANEL does not test on animals and is listed in PETA's Guide to Cruelty-Free Companies.

from the Chanel website :
Innovations that changed women's lives forever
Boldly defying convention again and again, Gabrielle Chanel was as audacious as the signature scarlet lipstick she created. She wore open-necked shirts when her contemporaries buttoned theirs up, and showed off her ankles by donning trousers with the confident swagger of her male friends.

When fabric supplies ran low during the First World War, she used jersey, a fabric that had previously been used only for men's underwear, to make stunning dresses for women. This, at a time when propper single women weren't even supposed to think about men's underwear.

Chanel's audacity allowed her to maintain an air of contradiction and mystery. Although inspired by men's clothes, she believed, "the more feminine a woman, the stronger she is".

Her own best model and publisist, Chanel boldy flouted society's rule in the way she dressed and lived her life. Her behavior and accomplishment didn't just turn heads, but incited a world changing fashion revolution.

Chanel built her business from scratch, and all her life maintained the desire to remain staunchly independent. Today her company remains privately owned, making it something of a rarity in the luxury market. Mademoiselle Chanel's avant-garde thinking, which made The House of CHANEL unique at the beginning of the last century, is still modern today.

Presented in the original black and white packaging, CHANEL Make-up products are slim and practical with slim lines. Large mirrors and intelligently designed brushes and applicators ensure that whatever it's time and place , CHANEL color is always easy to apply and flawlessly long-lasting. This constant attention to detail is part of the culture of quality that Chanel herself originated. Today the highly skilled staff of CHANEL, trained in-house, is proud to share its founder's perfectionist values.

CHANEL has it's own creation studios and laboratories for all of its cosmetics, headed by Dominique Moncourtois, the International Director of Makeup Creation. Working closely with his inseperable collaborator Heidi Morawetz and with the CHANEL Cosmetics Laboratory, Moncourtois creates products that combine cutting-edge creativity and technical innovation.

Skin care treatments at CHANEL are reinforced by three renowned scientists: Professor Erwin Tschachler , Scientifice Director of CE.R.I.E.S., the CHANEL reserch renter for healthy skin; and for the cosmetics laboratories, Guy Pagniez in Paris and Dr. Michael Steiger in New York.

The ease of movement pioneered in Mademoiselle Chanel's earliest sportwear is upheld in todays clothes, while her cutting-edge spirit lives on in the Fragrance and Beauty Division, whose perfumes, Precision skin care and make-up products are constantly defining and redefining beauty.

"The real aim of make-up is not to adorn but to beautify, and whenever that goal is achieved the face takes on the look of youth." Mademoiselle Chanel.

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