grape power

After researching the anti-oxidant effects of red wine, Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas used their experience to found Caudalie.

They discovered a unique way of extracting active regents from grapes that neutralize the aging effects of free radicals. Caudalie products are based on these ingredients.
  • The word caudalie is taken from a wine tasting term.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Non-comedogenic, do not contain colorings.
  • Originally formulated for use at the Caudalie VINOTHERAPIE Spa.

from the Caudalie website :
the fruit of the vine
At the time of the 1993 wine harvest at the Château Smith Haut Lafitte estate, Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas met, research team university of Pharmacy in Bordeaux. They told them about one of his discoveries – OPC (procyanidolic oligomers) extracted from grape seeds are many times more effective than Vitamin E in combating free radicals. That started them off.

Two years later, in September 1995, the first three products in the range were brought out (two creams and one nutritional supplement). This was the first time stabilised polyphenols had ever been used in cosmetic science, thanks to a patent lodged. In 1996, Caudalie signed a research agreement with the Faculty in Bordeaux – its own research team was in action.

That was just the beginning for Caudalie. In September 1999, Caudalie invented and patented the first Vinothérapie spa in Bordeaux, among the vines. This was so successful that the hotel is to double its capacity in June 2001.
Another key moment was in January 2001, when the company opened its first day spa in central Paris, in one of the most prestigious hotels – the four-star luxury Hôtel Meurice.

Less than two years on from the start of this incredible adventure, in June 2001, Caudalie is to open its own formulation laboratory at the Vinothérapie centre in Bordeaux.

There are now 25 products and 7 oils bearing the Caudalie label. The company employs 100 people, and the brand is distributed in 24 countries; exports represent 25% of its turnover. 2 millions products are sold around the world each year to 100 000 customers/ world.

Romantic version.

Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas met while they were students. With a passion for cosmetics and setting up their own company, they put all their energy into generating Caudalie's success. With the active help of Monsieur and Madame Cathiard, Mathilde's parents, who own the Château Smith Haut Lafitte estate.

Caudalie is a love story. The story of a family.

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