make-up of make-up artists

An outstanding cosmetics line used extensively by film and television makeup artists, Cargo invites celebrities to design custom shades for limited run product lines.
  • Celebrities like Debra Messing have created colors for the Celebrity Artist Lipstick line.
  • Jennifer Aniston wore Cargo lipstick in Plume for her wedding to Brad Pitt.
  • Two dollars from each sale of Celebrity Artist Lipstick is donated to Childrens Miracle Network.

from the Cargo website :
prepare yourself for a fresh approach to make-up
CARGO is a line of professional cosmetics developed in consultation with the world's top make-up artists. CARGO Cosmetics is a Canadian company based in Toronto.

Its success has come for a strict adherence to one simple policy uncompromised and unparalleled quality. To create a truly professional quality collection, CARGO enlisted the industry's top professionals to develop the line.

The original collection was in development for two years. Today, guest artists remain vital contributors to CARGO, as they consult on the creation of new products and colors. In 1996 CARGO was introduced to the public in Canada. CARGO expanded to the U.S. in 1998 and is now available worldwide.

CARGO has quickly become a favorite among celebrities, and film and television make-up artists. Changes are you have seen CARGO in use on your favorite prime-time television shows and major Hollywood films.

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Cargo Blush
Cargo Blush
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