by Terry
the concept of beauty

French make-up artist Terry de Gunzburg has spent many years perfecting her signature cosmetics and skincare line. Using the wealth of experience and expertise gained both as a make-up artist and as a creative force behind the extremely popular YSL cosmetics collection, Terry has created a brand name that she can be proud of.

While by terry utilizes exclusive active ingredients in their signature skincare collection, the real star performers are of course the cosmetics. Terry's eye for color and finish open the doors to flawless glamour everyday.
  • Terry studied make-up at the famous CARITA school in Paris.
  • Terry invented YSL's popular products such as "Touche Éclat" during her 14 years working there.
  • by Terry was founded in France in 1998.

from the by Terry website :
Terry's universe
When TERRY talks about beauty, luxury is the first thing, which comes to her mind, because "luxury is what is rare, what is made conscientiously and consistently. It is made with care and based on know-how".

by Terry adopts a new concept of luxury applied to the world of makeup and cosmetics, in which rarity and creativity are the essential raw materials.

"I found the world of luxury slipping into standardization. The idea was to take the same structures and the same standards of perfection, know-how and luxury as those of Haute-Couture. But I had been feeling this need for personalization for a very long time. After the over-consumption of the Eighties, the trend toward minimalism and the revivals that marked the first half of the Nineties, I was convinced it was inevitable that we would swing back to a thirst for elegance and personalization".

Built on the principle of fashion, by Terry has different proposals:

• The "Haute Couleur Revolution" : like the Haute Couture, TERRY develops made-to-measure products for a private client. A very elitist service only available at the Parisian boutique at 21 Galerie Véro-Dodat.

• The Couture range : a complete line of products manufactured in limited quantities, exquisite and sophisticated. These products offer the same criteria of creativity and quality of ingredients than those of the Haute Couleur, the purest pigments, the most expensive and high-performance ingredients.

• The Prêt-à-Porter range: an extension of the existing line. A range that claims its independence, designed specially for those on the move. The idea of a mobile, intuitive, original radiant makeup line. Light is bright, nomad and space saving. Small is more, a maximum of innovations for a minimum of place. A modern makeup line at … light prices.

The contents? ...

• Unprecedented textures, each an example of superlative quality and creativity.

• Staggering, spellbinding choice of colors

• Vibrant, sensual, delicate shades

• Color ranges that unfold like infinite horizons.

by Terry's products are unique both in terms of presentation and expression. Their "container" says so much about their "contents". We don't talk about packaging but refillable "Jewel Cases", discreetly engraved with a secret message or initials.

Sensual, fusional, heavy but aerial "drops" of mercury. Elegantly smooth objects. "I wanted them to be like drops of mercury, attractive, yet inaccessible, alike and yet perfectly different, objects of absolute luxury, voluptuous and futuristic..."

TERRY's initial vision of these Jewel Cases was sparked by her fascination with the myths and extraordinary properties of mercury. She was fascinated by the capacity of mercury to split into a multitude of droplets and then instantly return to its perfects spherical form. Limpid and heavy, perfect in their sensuality, the "drops" embody the many paradoxes of this magic metal.

The first visual delight at these little round droplets gives way to surprise at the cool feel of the metal which instantly warms, coming to life under the fingers. The weighty, somehow comforting presence of each object is anticipated, desired... The hands instinctively embrace these forms that are both new and instantly familiar. Each Jewel Case nestles in a little "black tulip" silk velvet pouch, elegantly lined with shimmering muslin.

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