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This high-quality line, one of the oldest French cosmetics companies still in operation, remains at the forefront of beauty today.

Color is what rules Bourgois, this brand is all about color and they wield it with unbridled passion. Constantly updating palettes from season to season, the Paris based Bourgois team keeps a keen eye on fashion trends to always make sure that we have the color we need at the right time.

They are truly deserving of their status as the color-specialists. They are so passionate about color that Bourgois packaging is color-coded to match its contents.

Most of all, a sense of fun and joie de vivre remains strong at Bourgois. Playing with make-up should be fun and colorful - delights may always be found at the Bourgois counter.
  • One of the oldest and most respected cosmetics companies in France.
  • Started in 1863 by Monsieur Alexandre Napoleon Bourjois, a theatrical makeup artist.
  • Monsieur Bourjois created the world's first powder blush, Pastel Joues.

from the Bourjois website :
Joie de Vivre
The year was 1863, and stage actresses in Paris were bemoaning the state of makeup as they knew it - greasy, thick, uncomfortable to wear and damaging to the skin.

Monsieur Alexandre Napoleon Bourjois knew there must be a better way and devoted his time creating a superior quality theater makeup for his muses. It was in this pursuit that he created the world's first powder blush, Pastel Joues.

The blush was a smashing success among Monsieur Bourjois' lady friends. It did not take long for the actresses to spread the word about their new and revolutionary makeup, making women everywhere eager to experience the magic of Bourjois.

Bourjois' little round pots of joy while born in the 19th century, remain the signature of the brand today.

As one of the oldest French cosmetics companies still in operation, Bourjois is truly a French expert in beauty, dedicated to always being a step ahead with innovative products and the latest colors.

Taking its cue from its beginnings in the fashionable entertainment industry, Bourjois continues to be on the forefront of fashion and style - with a Parisian twist.

We at Bourjois take our heritage very seriously. From the moment our founder, Alexandre Bourjois created the first powder blush, it has been our mission to lead the market with newness - new concepts, new textures, and ingenious new packaging. For example, Bourjois developed the first 2-step mascara for a dramatic false lash effect with Coup de Theatre, and Suivez mon Regards was the first loose powder eyeshadow in a cute pot with its own built-in brush.

In addition to pushing the envelope with innovation, Bourjois products are of the highest quality. They are created and manufactured in France, in laboratories and factories that maintain the strictest standards of quality control, ensuring excellence in every item carrying the Bourjois logo.

To be at the forefront of fashion and style comes naturally for Bourjois. The favourite of many celebrity and fashion makeup artists, Bourjois has graced the covers of top magazines, Fashion Week runway catwalk shows and red-carpet Hollywood events.

But beyond the glittering lights and famous faces, Bourjois believes that makeup is a pleasure and should be a delight for everyone.

So have fun with your makeup and let Bourjois bring a touch of joie de vivre into your life. After all, it's a joy to be a woman!

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Pastel Joues
Pastel Joues
Pastel Joues is the product that launched the Bourjois line 150 years ago. Thanks to the unique manufacturing process this powder blush is wonderfully light in texture with a vel.. read more