rich history, but now it's all about the mud

A long established but somewhat struggling Italian cosmetics company. Created by Princess Marcella Borghese, the Borghese line of products features formulations created at the famed spa, Terme di Montecatini. The main star attraction of the line being the Fango mud masks.

Steeped in colorful history the Terme di Montecatini sees as many a 150,000 visitors flock to it's healing gardens every year to relax and soak in the mineral rich waters of this Italian oasis.
  • Montecatini has been a popular spa destination since 400 BC.
  • European Monarchs, Royalty and countless celebrities have visited the spa at Montecatini.
  • Montecatini is an ancient town located in Northern Italy's Tuscanny region.

from the Borghese website :

We've been restructuring and refocusing the company. And like the best Italian design, we're now sleek, chic, and very contemporary. In a word bella! We've streamlined the lines, kept the best, and pared the total skincare and cosmetics collections down to what's essential, what's exciting. And we haven't stopped there.

As the Essential Italian Beauty Company, Borghese is more attuned than ever to the runways of Milan, with colors, textures and beauty moods influenced by the top designers. We see makeup and polished skin as the most modern fashion accessory a woman can have, and we're communicating that message through shade promotions and products designed to add must-have pizzazz.

We've also recently introduced innovative new skincare products, just right for today's market place. Like Cura C Vitamin C Eye Treatment with its revolutionary new texture and anhydrous water-free formula, a legacy treatment that's sure to build on our Cura C formulations. And Retin Intensivo Intensive Retinol Treatment, a gentle Vitamin A refinisher that helps smooth wrinkles.

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Fango Mud Mask
Fango Mud Mask
While Borghese tries to re-invent itself, a steady performer is the Fango Mud Mask. Taken from the volcanic hills of Northen Italy, a good clay mask for the home spa experience. read more