drink to better skin

The BORBA approach to skincare is somewhat different from many other brands. BORBA believe in caring for the outside from within, for this they have formulated 'skin balancing waters' that target particular issues and heal from the inside out.

This rather expensive way of encouraging us to drink more water is bound to be effective. After all the extra water alone is bound to improve our skin - we can never drink enough water.
  • All BORBA products are dermatologist tested.
  • Created by Scott Vincent Borba in Woodland Hills, California.
  • Scott Vincent Borba was a former product developer for Hard Candy and Neutrogena.

from the BORBA website :
achieving beauty inside and out
BORBA’s beauty philosophy is something you feel from within. BORBA understands that much of what we do on the outside will affect how we feel on the inside, and that the key to true beauty is found in the right melding of the inner and outer person. BORBA also realizes that the same inner and outer fusing is true for skin and its overall health and appearance… hence BORBA’s Nutraceuticals™ and Cosmeceuticals™ were developed and have been clinically proven to work with your unique body's chemistry.

Keeping skin at its most beautiful requires personal attention, an awareness of the threats to its health, and an understanding that from the moment of birth, we begin to challenge the inherent beauty of our skin; first innocently, then more consciously through our life choices. We understand that skin’s outside appearance is a direct reflection of skin’s inner health, and we recommend you approach skin improvement two-fold…through skin’s inner needs, and skin’s outer needs.

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