Bloom seems to be on everyone's lips!

Bloom's popular group of lip products are used by many Aussie and English celebs like Kylie and Victoria Beckham.

Bloom started with candles, and since then the line has grown to include aromatherapy skincare, bath and body indulgences as well as a colorful cosmetics range.

Most popular of all are Bloom's colorful lip glazes, glosses and balms.
  • Natalie Bloom founded Bloom in Melbourne, Australia at the age of 22.
  • Bloom started with a simple beeswax candle making kit.
  • Who is Miss Bloom? Think Audrey Hepburn meets Hello Kitty.

from the Bloom website :
To make people feel good!
Bloom’s philosophy is to create innovative, quirky products made from quality ingredients. Bloom products have a spirit of fun, a commitment to product integrity and are directional in concept and design. Bloom products are for the young and the young at heart.

Natalie Bloom commenced Bloom Pty. Ltd. in 1993 in Australia at the age of 22 with an abundance of youthful energy and passion. Bloom grew from humble beginnings and was originally based in Natalie’s family home.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (R.M.I.T.), Natalie worked briefly as a graphic designer in a small studio. She quickly realised the limitations of this position and the need for another outlet for her creative energy. Bloom began with a couple of quirky gift concepts a strong design influence and a whole lot of heart.

Natalie has been known to win an award or three for her leadership, vision and entrepreneurial flair in establishing a successful business. With a celebrity following and sales in just about every corner of the globe, Bloom is going from strength to strength.

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Bloom Lip Gloss
Bloom Lip Gloss
Bloom's key product. Each lip gloss contains a hint of color, enough to enhance already colored lips, or worn alone they add just the right blush and shine. read more