B.Kamins Chemist
the bio-maple solution

The B.Kamins line of skincare products, are based on the studies into effective anti-aging serums by Canadian chemist Ben Kamins. Kamins' research led him to find his solution in a serum derived from Maple trees. The B.Kamins range features the resulting bio-maple compund.

The bio-maple compound is loaded with anti-oxidants and the makers claim it to, not only nourish but also, protect and exfoliate the skin. B.Kamins has been formulated with problem skin in mind, especially troubles like rosacea, sensitive or very dry skin types.
  • Founded in 1997 in Canada.

Sensitive advice
Just because a line claims to be formulated for sensitive or problem skin, doesn't mean that there aren't ingredients that may irritate your skin. Some B.Kamins formulations contain alcohol, fragrance and potentially irritating menthol and mint balm.
Look for good SPF
B.Kamins has not focused on sun protection as a part of a healthy anti-aging skin regimen, but protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun is indeed very important, no matter the length of time you actually spend in direct sunlight. Look for an SPF of no less than 15. Make sure that your choice contains decent UVA protection from ingredients such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, avobenzone or Mexoryl SD.

from the B.Kamins Chemist website :
The Gentle Cosmeceutical
A skncare line developed by leeading Canadian chemist Ben Kamins, which bridges the gap between the physician's office and traditional cosmetics treatments. The products focus on a range of skin coditions, with emphasis on sensitive, menopause, rosacea, problematic and extra dry skin types.

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