pampering and care from the Pyranees

Biotherm's claims to beauty fame are based in their discovery of "thermal plankton" in the French Pyranees. However, it seems that whatever miracles plankton holds for the skin is a mystery known only to Biotherm itself.

That being said, this line does boast some effective products, especially their cleansers and moisturizers. And don't forget some of their famous face masks and peels, they are both well formulated and very fun to use.
  • Biotherm is owned by L'Oreal.
  • Do not test on animals.

from the Biotherm website :
a biological approach for beautifully healthy skin
Biotherm has found the key to beautifully healthy skin. Fifty years ago, in the thermal springs found high in the French Pyranees mountains an amazing skin rejuvenator was discovered.

Today, this powerful element has been perfected and purified by Biotherm. In a patented process, Biotherm Laboratories has bioengineered the original extract so it can be consistently available in its most active form. It is that exclusive, biologically based concentrate, Vitreoscilla Ferment, that gives Biotherm its unique, biological approach to skin care.

All of our treatments are rich in nourishing proteins and minerals to help restore and renew your skin. Each formula - skin and body care, color and mens treatment - is specifically developed in our own laboratories to work in sync with skins own nature to give it a softly radiant, beautiful and healthy look.

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