the pore-strip people

If you grew up in Japan, you'll probably remember Bioré for it's classic foaming cleanser, which you probably used as a teenager. Then of course they introduced those exciting pore-strips which made Bioré known worldwide.

While they are not the best way to rid yourself of blackheads, the pore-strips are fun to try, just to see what comes out of your pores. The trouble is that they can actually cause more damage and breakouts. They are only a quick fix and will not stop blemishes or blackheads from re-forming.

The classic foaming cleanser is still a worthy choice for daily facial cleansing.
  • Bioré is manufactured by Kao.
  • Bioré do not use animal testing.

from the Bioré website :
Pure skin, bright life
"Bioré" is derived from the Greek word "Bios" and "Ore(os)", meaning fulfilled, bright life.

If our skin is in good condition,
we can lead a positive, fulfilling life.
And a positive and fulfilling life
will ultimately lead to healthy skin.

"Having healthy skin" and "leading a fulfilling life"
work together for a good effect.
Our key goals are to have "PureSkin, Bright Life".

Bioré hopes to be a brand
that supports happy life through healthy skin.

visit the official Bioré website