what's your biotype?

Bioelements offer a complete skincare and cosmetics system from the cool clean air of the colorado mountains.

The brand has grown from a very popular set of health spas. One of the principle concepts of bioelements is that each face has a unique skin type - called a "BioType". For each "type" they offer customized skincare solutions based on individual needs.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Bioelements products do not contain any artificial colorants and synthetic fragrance.
  • Products are manufactured in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

from the Bioelements website :
you make the difference
We're a complete system of skin care and makeup that can be freshly customized for your skin's needs. And we mean what we say. No gimmicks, no hype and no false promises. We're professional skin care experts dedicated to keeping your skin clean, clear, calm and young-looking. Just the way it should be.

We believe that every skin is different. And we know that a product that works for one person can't possibly work as well for thousands. Our products are designed to be as individualized as your face itself. We've been doing this for a long time, and we've got skin care experts who spend day-in and day-out creating formulas that work. By the way: our experts love to use natural plant extracts, trace minerals and essential oils. They hate animal by-products, artificial colorants, synthetic fragrances or pore-clogging substances and they'll never use them.

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Lip Buff
Lip Buff
Bioelement's Lip Buff contains exfoliating sugar cane crystals that sweep away dead, peeling skin, reduce lines and promote natural healthy color. read more