Bésame Cosmetics
40's glamour revisited

Bésame Cosmetics whisks us back to the bygone days of 40's glamour and elegance. A stylish collection of richly colored yet modern cosmetics that are presented so beautifully in cases that ooze femininity and sophistication.

This marvelous re-invention of classic cosmetics and vanity cases is created by make-up artist and historian Gabriela Hernandez. Her keen sense of style is showcased in a classically inspired collection that fits today's sophisticated women.
  • Founded in 2004 in Glendale, California.
  • Each product is finely made with rich decoration that makes for a valued keepsake.

from the Bésame Cosmetics website :
Echoing Hollywood's Glamour Era
Bésame Cosmetics, a revolutionary new cosmetic line, has been hard at work for the past few years developing a product line that truly honors the elegance of the golden age of Glamour.

Gabriela Hernandez, the designer behind Bésame Cosmetics has always been on the forefront of fashion, elegance, and style. From her early days straight out of college working as photographer, stylist, and a make-up artist Hernandez has evolved into a multimedia artistic talent from print to canvas and everything in between heading her own premier design group ALMA Group Inc., founded in 1987. Hernandez serves as CEO and Creative Director, her agency is known for its original and cutting-edge design work, especially in the area of ethnic design, marketing and advertising. Hernandez became inspired during several cosmetics projects. "We were doing packaging and imaging for several cosmetic companies continues Hernandez, "and one of my team suggested, we can do something better." Since then Hernandez and her team have been hard at work. "That was 5 years ago".

As a designer, artist, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of 2, Hernandez was able to relate to the experiences of the "woman-on-the-go."Although she had visions of products that made applying cosmetics easier, she never believed in sacrificing quality and style. They are designed with originality and artistry. With that in mind, she chose the sophisticated and glamorous starlets of the 1940's and 1950's as the inspiration for Bésame's stylistic theme.

Not to take the simple road, Hernandez wanted to give something back through the web shopping experience. Visitors to the Bésame website are invited to take a journey back to a classic time, through the personal letters of Margo. "You will feel like you are right there with her, through her ups and downs, her lifestyle described with vivid detail," Hernandez says passionately.

"I want to make a mark of what I am or who I was in the world," Hernandez explains, "I want to contribute something worthwhile through this line." Worthwhile is an understatement. With her heart in the right place, Hernandez has already come up with a Scholarship to benefit the Latina Alliance, awarded for the first time earlier this year.

Bésame Cosmetics was born to remember when cosmetics really were a reflection of that old Hollywood Glamour of the 40's. When a compact was as classy as jewelry worn for a night on the town. Everything was stylishly designed and definitely feminine.

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