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Maker of pure, plant based haircare, skincare, bodycare, perfume and make-up products.Each Aveda products come loaded with nature's goodness.

Owned by Estee Lauder, Aveda is a company founded on caring for you and the Earth - a brand with a conscience. Their use of renewable resources and constructive environmental practices are an example to all.
  • Do not use animal testing.
  • A caffeine-free herbal tea welcomes you with every visit to an Aveda store or spa.
  • A complimentary hand massage is offered at at Aveda stores and spas.
  • Custom-blend skin, body & hair products from a selection of 12 Aveda key element aromas.

That Aveda smell
Aveda always smells wonderful, that's why many of us love it. But be aware that many of the essential oils used to make everything smell so wonderful, have little to no benefit for the skin and can actually be quite irritating. Look for products containing ingredients that are good for your skin, Aveda do have plenty of great options for you.

from the Aveda website :
connecting beauty, environment and well being
"Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world." -Horst Rechelbacher, Founder

Horst M. Rechelbacher, who founded Aveda in 1978, is an active environmentalist, innovative business leader, author and artist.In the mid 1990's he started Intelligent Nutrients—a biodynamic—and organic-based high-function food and nutraceutical corporation—and HMR Enterprises, which specializes in film, arts and antiques.

Born in Austria, the son of an herbalist and naturalist, Horst began a three-year apprenticeship in the beauty and salon industry at the age of 14. Since the mid 1960's, he has specialized in analyzing the chemical constitution of plants while pioneering the practical use of flowers, plant-based flavor-aroma-therapy™, functional foods and nutraceuticals for the benefit of personal health and well-being. In his continuing effort to study plant-based medicine, he has collaborated with noted physicians, chemists and pharmacognosists as well as experts and traditional healers throughout the world—especially in India and Asia—and with tribes in the Brazilian Rainforest and North America. Horst is the recipient of Honoris Causa doctorate in Ayurveda from Gurukul Mahavidyalaya Twalapur, Haridwar University, and an Honoris Causa doctorate from Hindi University.

Horst was voted by the Austrian press as one of the most notable Austrians living in America. In 2004, Horst was awarded a beauty industry Lifetime Achievement Award. He is also an advisor and supporter of United Plant Savers and the Cancer Prevention Coalition. In addition, he is the founder and chairman of the Horst M. Rechelbacher Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to social and environmental preservation projects that operate on a grassroots level. One of the three original founders of BSR—Business for Social Responsibility—Horst supports his belief that businesses have not only the responsibility, but the opportunity, to provide sustainability to all living species.

Horst has authored two books—Rejuvenation and Aveda Rituals—and is currently working on his third, The Business of Being. Inspiring and practical, his books discuss the interconnectedness of all domains: of health and beauty; of mind, body, and spirit; of our bodies—and the larger body we must care for, Earth. Horst lectures internationally on topics ranging from socially responsible businesses to petrochemical-based societies—versus plant-based societies—to the mutual dependence of all things. He also specializes in and teaches team and environmentally integrated business management. He was the executive producer on Hidden Medicine, a film that premiered at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival.

Horst currently resides in Wisconsin and New York City. He continues to promote sustainable development and constructive environmental practices through profit and non-profit organizations.

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