Anna Sui Beauty
fashionably hip

New York based designer Anna Sui is known for her whimsical and cheeky designs. With a large following that steadily grew throughout the 1990's, Anna launched her cosmetics and fragrance collections in 1998. Her beauty line is now sold across the globe.

The Anna Sui Beauty collection is influenced greatly by Anna's feminine and slightly gothic sensibilities. This is not a collection for the faint hearted. The color choices are bold and shiny, there is no shortage of glitter in this razzle-dazzle range.

from the Anna Sui Beauty website :
"Live your dream." - Anna Sui.
Anna Sui has created a line of cosmetics and fragrance for a particular kind of woman.A woman who, much like Anna herself, has an ageless spirit, is willing to try anything, no matter how daring, and who loves fashion but doesn't take it too seriously.

Anna offers up a treasure trove of fantasy and invites you to tie it in a bow, and make it utterly, totally you.

Whatever strikes her fancy-from soft and demure to bold and daring, from essentials to special effects-inevitably wind up in Anna's world of cosmetics, fragrance, fashion.

Colors and textures that speak to the trends of today and hark back to the glamour of yesterday, Anna is not simply a designer, she is a true collector of spirit and nuance.

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