Amazing Concealer
the Hollywood concealer

Use as an eye cream and moisturizer twice daily. For under eye circles, birthmarks and scars, rosacea, vitiligo, acne scars and age spots.

Amazing Concealer is extremely concentrated. A very small amount is all you need to cover. As with all products, concealer works best on hydrated skin.

After a few weeks, some claim Amazing Concealer improves the skin around the eye by making it tighter and lightening tone.
Amazing Concealer reviews
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Amazing Concealer review rating: 4 out of 5

I am very pleased with this product! The coverage is amazing and it doesn't flake. Once applied, it pretty much stays on all day. I have perodic breakouts on my face and this product does a great job concealing my acne. I would receommend it!! Love it!
submitted by: Guest : 08:46 - June 25, 2007

Amazing Concealer review rating: 0 out of 5
mineral oil based-hello, raccoon eyes!

If you are over 25 and/or have even slightly oily skin, I wouldn't recommend this product. I am 36 but still prone to oiliness, with noticeable undereye circles and a little puffiness. I was not pleased with the performance of this product. It did not provide good coverage or staying power, and made eyeliner and mascara run. The line also has a very limited color range. I am very fair w/pink/red undertones, and their lightest color was still not correct for me. Cle de Peau or bust (and I'll probably bust...$$$
submitted by: sarah1992 : 07:41 - July 16, 2006

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