Agoo Agii
forging the green path

A line of natural products keen to find a way to help make the world a better place. Founded by Jennifer Rodriguez-Allen an environmental chemist who took inspiration from important women in her life - her mother and her daughter to create products that would enhance health and vitality for women of every age and culture.
The environment is foremost on the agenda at Agoo Agii, so finding ways to produce less waste and bring a greater understanding of our ecology is of great importance to Agoo Agii. This women-owned collective has its eyes keenly focused on the big picture for the planet.
  • The words Agoo and Agii are new born baby words. These are the chosen inspiration for the brand.
  • Laboratoires Agoo Agii was founded in Montréal, Québec in 1999.
  • Agoo Agii has a Co-op America's Green Business Seal of Approval.

from the Agoo Agii website :
Ecologically Balanced
Agoo Agii, inc. is a multi-ethnic, women-owned grassroots company dedicated to helping you discover the benefits of a renewed relationship with the nature at your feet.

Most of our bodycare products are dedicated to a single plant that is living within your environment. Our company exists to show you that the living forces that rule this planet send healing plants (to our own backyard) to help us live in balance on this planet. With our changing environment, an improved relationship with the nature can help us learn to evolve with and adapt to ecological changes. A conscious co-dependence with the nature can also be a supportive relationship to help us make the changes that are necessary to assure our future on this planet.

If you are an immigrant, these plants can help you establish a natural sense of home in your new environment.

If you are someone who travels frequently, our wild plant products can be used to forge a bridge in your natural consciousness between places.

You can be assured that the safest way to learn about herbs is through their external use and we offer several excuses for you to learn about and try local herbs.

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