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Aesop, based in Melbourne, Australia, has a passionate trust in the benefits of using products with plant-based ingredients.

Both knowledgeable and serious about the efficacy of using plant-derived ingredients, Aesop concocts treatments formulated with unique combinations of essential oils and effective man-made ingredients.
  • Do not test on animals
  • Aesop was founded in 1987 by well-being pioneer Dennis Paphitis.

Aesop advises patch testing new products before use. This is very good advice when buying products formulated with plant extracts. Most botanical ingredients pose some level of irritation issues.

from the Aesop website :
sensible skin solutions
Aesop began its journey in 1987 as an alternative offering of skin and wellbeing products developed for men and women seeking effective, botanical-based solutions.

Aesop has been conceptualised and developed by Dennis Paphitis, a pioneer in the use of plant-derived ingredients that contribute to the positive treatment and maintenance of skin and hair.

We believe that external beauty is ultimately the result of a healthy attitude, diet, moderate exercise and consistent physical attention to, and protection of, the skin. The first positive step to great skin is to choose products composed to work with the skin’s own physiology. Skin and plants have a great deal in common, by virtue of their similar physical composition, and consequently products containing botanical extracts can have enormous affinity and positive interaction with the skin.

Each product in the Aesop range consists of a synergistic blend of botanical extracts that addresses specific imbalances and conditions. We use botanical extracts in a number of different mediums including steam distilled essential oils, cold pressed whole oils, freeze dried powdered extracts and liquid extractions. We are not limited to botanical ingredients, and always consider scientifically validated man-made ingredients such as Sodium Lactate, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Panthenol that have a solid track record in efficacy and safety.

Our core focus at Aesop has always been premium product efficacy, sensory pleasure and safety. We aim to deliver these objectives with solid science, uncomplicated packaging and an unwavering sense of humour.

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