the power of three

Created in 3 seperate laboratories by three separate chemists (actually 2 chemists and a dermatologist), 3Lab is a new(ish) cosmetics line, that boasts dramatic results thanks to years of research and data collection, as well as the researchers sixty years worth of combined knowledge and experience.

This no-nonsense skincare line consists of the usual cleansers, toners and moisturizers as well as some specialized treatments for everything from acne to anti-aging. Using only top-grade ingredients, each product is scientifically tested - three times, to make sure that you are getting their very best.

from the 3Lab website :
perfect science. perfect products. perfect skin.
3LAB took a combined approach to the development of The Perfect Skin Care Line. Utilizing the expertise of two cosmetic chemists and a dermotologist with their own unique scientific and clinical experience. This adds up to more extensive research and overall know how to create perfect skin. With over sixty years of combined experience of creating product lines for prestigious companies and respected doctors, this dynamic group now brings its expertise to the public.

3LAB embodies a blend of science and pure nature. The entire line is rich with antioxidants along with innovative ingredients to increase product performance, such as the anti –aging complex (Co-Q10, DMAE, Alpha lipoic acid, Vitamin E, Ester C and Seaweed Extracts) that is used in The Perfect Cream. 3LAB products are all about helping the skin to function better….to refresh, renew and repair the skin.

3LAB addresses the ravages of chronological aging and self-inflicted damage from excessive exposure to the sun. The products work to reverse existing trauma and can measurably improve appearance, tonality, and firmness as well as help to prevent further damage.

All 3LAB products are made with an innovative combination of the newest advances in ingredients that increase product performance. These vitamin rich formulations coupled with the latest advancements in delivery systems help protect the skin from free radical damage and create perfect skin.

3LAB’s goal when developing this skin care line was not just to treat the skin but also to perfect it! Everyone deserves and desires perfect skin!

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